Philosophy of the Alchemist

L’ Alchimiste is translated from French to mean “the Alchemist” or one who practices alchemy.  Alchemy is known in folklore as the age-old practice of transforming base metals such as lead, into gold. As with most fables, the truth lies not within the face value of the story, but within the analogies and origins of the practice.  True alchemy understands the science of consciousness. 

The transmutation of lead to gold is an analogy for our conscious development, with lead representing our denser choices as impulsed by the consciousness of the spirit and gold representing the consciousness or light of the soul. The alchemy or transformation is in what consciousness we choose to operate from and bring the body alive with. An alchemist is thus, one who dedicates their life to initiating or developing the light of the soul in themselves and others and to walk this as a lived way of being. 

Our Healing Modalities

Our healing modalities are based on the esoteric philosophies and complementary health practices of Universal Medicine. At its foundation is the principle that within every human being lies a divine spark that cannot be sought from the outside but must unfold from within.  It is our choices and the energy behind those choices that either bury this spark in a fog or unveils it to be expressed in all aspects of life including our health and well-being, relationships, work, finances and so much more.

Esoteric healing modalities such as Esoteric Healing, Chakra Puncture, Connective Tissue Therapy and Esoteric Massage are all configured to support the development of energetic awareness. Naturopathy, as well as Relaxation Massage and Remedial Massage also support in this regard but first bring the awareness to the physical body. This awareness, in turn, offers an opportunity to make changes deeper within themselves, that is part of the root cause of un-supportive life choices (diet, relationships, addictions, etc).

L’Alchimiste places an absolute dedication to offering alchemy in your life.  The apothecary products as well as the modalities offered are chosen to support this unfolding and expression of the true gold within us all.

Our Healing Modalities

L’Alchimiste Natural Medicine Clinic and Apothecary was established by Henrietta Chang in 2016 to service clients in Ballina, Lennox Head and Byron Bay, as well as remote consults for international clients.  

Henrietta Chang (M.Sc, B. Nat)

Henrietta Chang was born in Helsinki, Finland and attended the University of Geneva in Switzerland for her undergraduate degree in Biology with a focus on Biochemistry, Immunology and Botany. She moved to Australia in 1998 to complete a Masters of Applied Science in Townsville and later obtained a Bachelors Degree of Naturopathy at Southern Cross University in Lismore where she was awarded top of the class for excellence in the area of Nutrition.
Henrietta has many years’ experience as a complementary health practitioner (since 2001), and has a special interest in the care of medically complex patients using the combined modalities of Naturopathy and Nutritional Biochemistry. To complement this, Henrietta is also a fully qualified practitioner of Esoteric Body Work (Massage, Chakra Puncture, Connective Tissue Therapy, Esoteric Healing) and Remedial Massage modalities. She is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS), and the Esoteric Practitioner Association (EPA) and acts as a mentor for students of Nutritional Medicine.

In addition to her clinical practice, Henrietta serves as a trainer, assessor and program writer for Evolve College where she teaches the Diploma course in Remedial Massage.  She has also worked with Southern Cross University as a course writer and lecture assistant. 

Most importantly, Henrietta combines her considerable knowledge and experience with unwavering dedication and deep care to her clients and the wider community.  She brings authority and attentiveness that leaves “no stone unturned” when working with clients and often works closely with doctors, medical specialists, psychologists, counsellors and physiotherapists to ensure the highest level of care for her patients. 

Henrietta enjoys spending time at home with her husband, son and dog, whom she uses as test subjects for her experimental food and herbal tincture/tea recipes.  She is also involved in various community groups and donates her time and expertise to women’s health groups (such as Esoteric Women’s Health)) offering support in aged and palliative care, and cooking/nutrition forums.  Henrietta also enjoys having a chat with visitors to her clinic in one of 5 languages!

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