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… where every modality and product is hand picked to offer support for your evolution and unfoldment.

Amongst the items at L’Alchimiste, we stock:
• Customized herbal elixir formulas from select alcohol-free liquid tinctures as well as customised compounded powdered herbal mixes
• A range of herbal teas and therapeutic medicinal teas
• A range of therapeutic spices for cooking
• A special blend of alkalising greens powders
• A range of therapeutic foods such as collagen, protein powders and seaweeds
• A range of practitioner-only nutritional supplements for prescribing
• Epsom bath salts that are configured using esoteric numerology and select essential oils for your personal unfoldment (including eucalyptus, lavender, rose, geranium, frankincense and clove bud).

The body has an amazing adaptability, flexibility and resilience and a beautiful natural capacity to heal and return to balance – how important is it for us all to foster these qualities, rather than fight them, especially when we find out that we have lost our balance?

Hours of Operation

On-line apothecary/shop: accessible 24 hour per day.

Clinic appointments are available
by appointment.