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L’Alchimiste is a natural medicine complementary health clinic and old-world herbal apothecary located just minutes away from Lennox Head and Byron Bay in the heart of Ballina, Northern NSW Australia. 

We represent the way of true alchemy. This means we do not turn lead into gold, rather we work with you to unfold and reveal your innermost essence and vitality, the gold that lies equally within us all.

Natural Therapies

Natural Therapies as practised by Henrietta Chang, use the healing powers of nature as well as our essence (the deepest connection within ourselves) to support the innate capacity for one’s body to heal and return back to homeostasis or balance.

Henrietta from L'Alchimiste

Meet Henrietta


Henrietta’s passion for and knowledge of science, natural medicine and healing combined with unwavering dedication and deep care of her clients allow her to offer a thorough and unique form of support. Read more about her background.

No forcing of the body to heal will bring any true healing. When we listen to what is being communicated by the body and are willing to support the body in its process of healing, then we are finally on our way to working with a balanced approach.


These educational videos support in understanding food and nutrition as well as health and well-being topics. Learn to balance foods, what quality foods are, which carbs are essential, why proteins and fats are key in our diet, how to live well with stress, chronic pain, fatigue and so much more. These gems of understanding are the bridge to making long lasting changes that play a key role in your health and wellbeing.

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